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What Your OEM Should Expect From An Expert Metal Fabricator

November 20, 2015

When you partner with a metal fabricator, you expect quality metal parts to be delivered as specified, on time and at a competitive cost. Based on past experiences with other partners, your expectations for metal fabrication solutions may vary. What’s more important than a solution offering, is that your partner meets your demands.

However, certain solutions may be conspicuously absent when you partner with the wrong metal fabricator. For example, you’re likely to notice right away when product and inventory control, engineering, quality and process development aren’t performed in a collaborative way.

While you might initially look for a partner that offers specifically steel fabrication or CNC machining, solutions directly involved in the manufacturing of metal parts, you also need to consider your metal fabricator’s supportive roles that influence cost and the manufacturability of products.

Your Metal Manufacturer Should Offer Comprehensive Services

When your metal fabricator offers limited services, you must rely on multiple vendors to procure a completed product. This often results in additional shipping costs, potential for delays, extended time managing materials and conflicts between fabricators about warranty claims.

A metal fabricator that’s vertically integrated provides all of the solutions required to produce a particular metal part. Even if you haven’t worked with such a fabricator in the past, you should expect these comprehensive solutions from your partner.

You shouldn’t have to manage multiple vendors or worry about deviations in your production schedule that may cause major problems. An expert metal fabrication partner can absorb your schedule adjustments and apply lean manufacturing principles to help reduce costs at the same time.

Expect Results From Your Metal Fabrication Partner

A metal fabricator shouldn’t just be responsible for producing your equipment parts. It should take an active role in helping you grow your business. It’s time you start expecting the following results from your fabrication partner:

  • Increased revenue – Some partners offer a buffer stock to assist with cost-control planning. Having a lower carrying cost associated with your inventory means you’re able to reduce shipping costs, eliminate unnecessary downtime and generate more revenue.
  • Higher quality parts – The right partner rarely sends you a defective metal part, but if happens, your partner sends a new part immediately while the quality department analyzes the nonconformance. Warranty claims are a long, arduous process when dealing with multiple vendors.
  • Managed risk – Market volatility can cause your forecasts and demand to change quickly. A supplier that maintains extra inventory is able to manage your supply and respond to sudden fluctuations. As a result, you experience less production downtime and need less overtime to recover.

When you come to expect more from your partner, there are benefits that can be passed onto your own customers. Your scheduling is more predictable and consistent. You’re able to deliver on your customer promise and focus on your core competencies – and turbocharge your innovation efforts.