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Construction & Forestry

The supply chain challenges that face the construction & forestry industries aren’t minor. Between seasonality effects, quality dependencies for oversized parts, specific weld specs, and high safety demands, it is imperative that your construction equipment parts fabrication partner is as reliable and integrated with your supply chain as possible.

At Miller Fabrication Solutions, we not only specialize in metal parts, assemblies and subassemblies for construction and forestry equipment manufacturers – we specialize providing solutions to overcome your biggest obstacles. If you’re looking for a strategic fabricator to assist with these types of projects and others, you’ve come to the right place:

  • Construction equipment subassemblies
  • Compact construction equipment attachments
  • Tunneling equipment
  • Construction equipment parts
  • The supply of forestry equipment parts
  • Separating & screening equipment and machinery
  • Truck frames
  • Trailer frame members
  • Dredging & excavating buckets
  • Orange peel dredging buckets
  • Bucket, earthmoving equipment, excavator and shovel teeth
  • Trailer axles
  • Truck axles
  • Mini excavators
  • Trench excavators
  • Backhoe excavators
  • Hydraulic excavators


A Partner for Your Toughest Part and Assembly Production Challenges


Miller Fabrication Solutions is just that: your single source provider of construction and forestry equipment parts fabrication. With ample Value-added and Manufacturing Solutions available to you in conjunction with a zero-defect mission, Industry 4.0 technology and equipment, Miller has the capabilities and the strategic direction to offset your risk so you can focus on your customer promise.

Work with one of the top OEM fabricators in the United States – schedule a consultation with Miller Fabrication Solutions today.

Lyndie Wingenroth
Independent Rough Terrain Center, LLC (IRTC)
“We have over 250 suppliers. When we look at potential partners, we look at the quality they provide, their costs and delivery time. Miller has delivered on all three.”
Jeffery Snider
Volvo Construction Equipment
“Miller Fabrication Solutions has become our preferred supplier, implementing lean manufacturing principles and numerous quality and delivery improvements that benefit our bottom line. They have made capital investments to support our growth. Miller Fabrication Solutions has not only met our goals but exceeded them, becoming a true partner for the long-term.”
Chuck Tornga
Tirx Moto
“The extensive manufacturing capabilities of Miller were a pretty quick indicator that this company could take on not only significantly complex projects but a variety of production volumes.”

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