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Material Handling & Conveying Equipment

Your supply chain is undoubtedly one of the most important functions of your equipment manufacturing business. And with the material handling industry expected to grow more than 6% annually, it’s more important than ever to build up your Tier 1 supply chain network with a steel fabricator that can handle the part production needs of your custom material handling equipment. 

Steel Fabrication Material Handling & Conveying Equipment

Miller Fabrication Solutions is dedicated to serving as your single source, strategic partner for your steel fabrication material handling and custom metal fabrication needs. With all the manufacturing and value-added solutions necessary to handle your most complex parts and assemblies, Miller can handle a variety of heavy component dimensions, processes, Estimated Annual Usage (EAU), metal types, certifications and more. 

As a large-scale steel fabricator, Miller Fabrication Solutions has 500,000 square feet of floor space to produce a number of common conveying equipment parts, including:

  • Front, rear and main frames
  • Bogies
  • Arms
  • Bumpers
  • Booms and sticks
  • Linkage

Ensuring your parts are on time, every time

With machinery that is capable of producing flat-stamped, laser-cut and plasma-cut parts, Miller is well equipped to meet the fabrication requirements of your next project. Three facilities with CNC cutting machines, a variety of saws, presses and burning machines all contribute to making Miller a leading metal fabricator for the material handling and conveying equipment industry. 

Whether you’re looking for a strategic partner to supply custom sheet metal work, steel fabrication or other heavy fabrications for your conveying equipment, Miller leverages its own in-house engineering, technology and manufacturing expertise. Furthermore, Miller Fabrication Solutions works with each Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) customer to ensure metal parts and assemblies are consistently received on time to keep your production on schedule. Through monthly reviews of demand, ongoing feedback mechanisms, capacity options and various steel fabricating solutions, working with Miller is a true partner collaboration.

The added value of working with a trusted fabrication partner

As a top OEM fabricator in the U.S. today, Miller Fabrication Solutions knows what it takes to help equipment manufacturers deliver an innovative and efficient material handling system. Beyond providing quality fabricated parts when you need them, Miller aims to help OEMs mitigate risk with value-added solutions like Inventory Management and Logistics Optimization

Miller also leans on its company history of over 50 years in steel fabrication as well as its incorporation of the latest technologies to add value to every step of the process, including VA/VE. By working with equipment manufacturers early in the product design phase, Miller is able to effectively incorporate its Zero-Defect Mission to achieve high-quality success, repeatedly.

Keep your production on the move with Miller

The experts at Miller Fabrication Solutions are here to help with your steel fabrication material handling parts and assemblies. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your steel fabricating and conveyor equipment part requirements to bolster the resiliency of your supply chain in any economic climate.

Lyndie Wingenroth
Independent Rough Terrain Center, LLC (IRTC)
“We have over 250 suppliers. When we look at potential partners, we look at the quality they provide, their costs and delivery time. Miller has delivered on all three.”
Jeffery Snider
Volvo Construction Equipment
“Miller Fabrication Solutions has become our preferred supplier, implementing lean manufacturing principles and numerous quality and delivery improvements that benefit our bottom line. They have made capital investments to support our growth. Miller Fabrication Solutions has not only met our goals but exceeded them, becoming a true partner for the long-term.”
Chuck Tornga
Tirx Moto
“The extensive manufacturing capabilities of Miller were a pretty quick indicator that this company could take on not only significantly complex projects but a variety of production volumes.”

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