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Mechanical Assembly

Work with Miller for All of Your Fabricated Assemblies

Metal Fabrication, Welding, Machining and Finishing are only part of the total Miller Fabrication Solutions equation. With our long list of OEM parts assembly options, we’re capable of fitting your components with hydraulics, gears, motors, solar panels and other hardware. It’s just one more way Miller Fabrication Solutions acts as a natural part of your supply chain, providing value at every turn. 


Working with a fabrication partner that also performs assembly helps you to cut costs and simplify your procurement and production process. Incorporating Miller as one of your strategic partners can truly help to serve a larger vision, and ensure that your Tier 1 supplier-partner is in lockstep with you and your teams throughout each phase. Even amongst companies that both fabricate and assemble parts, Miller takes value-add to the next level with a variety of smart solutions designed to save heavy equipment manufacturers, like you, time and money.   


Our manual and automated assembly options allow us to take on a wide breadth of projects, meaning we have the experience necessary to make yours a reality. Our assembly solutions include:


  • Pneumatic assembly: From vacuums to valves, we can put it all together and make a powerful system that services your goals. 
  • Hydraulic assembly: We can both fabricate and assemble many of the most important parts for virtually any hydraulic system, such as aerial lifts. Our experts recognize the importance of getting these parts made to exact specifications for your entire project to be a success. Their deep knowledge of a variety of metals, including stainless steel, HSLA, alloys and red metals, translates to receiving finished parts that are meant to withstand time, elements and the intended application.  
  • Electrical assembly: With vast sourcing capabilities to cover everything from solar panel setups to motors, the team at Miller offers unmatched electrical assembly services to assemble electrical components to your metal parts fabrication specification.  
  • Mechanical assembly: Whichever industry you’re in – whether it’s material handling, transportation or industrial machinery manufacturing – chances are you need mechanical assembly that ensures your gears and other parts work as a part of your heavy equipment or machinery. Miller has the expertise to make it happen. 


Our metal fabrication assembly capabilities are possible, thanks to our highly-skilled personnel and state-of-the-art equipment. Together, our workforce can take on your precise mechanical assemblies to get the job done right the first time.


Value-Added Metal Fabrication Solutions

Metal fabrication and assembly solutions aren’t the only way Miller helps its heavy equipment customers fulfill their own customer promise. In addition to fabricating high-quality parts that stand up to any application, Miller Fabrication Solutions adds further value with its Logistics Optimization Solution. Having the right parts doesn’t matter if they aren’t shipped in the right condition, in a cost-effective manner – and on time. Miller ensures your parts are where they need to be when you need it and how you need them. We utilize returnable and stackable container programs, and can work with your own carrier, help you source a third-party logistics provider or offer the Miller fleet of trucks for support. 


Smart solutions like Logistics Optimization are what separate Miller Fabrication Solutions from job shops, and make working with us a seamless extension of your equipment manufacturing teams at every step of the process. We’re more than a fabricator. We’re a true strategic OEM partner.   


OEM-Supplier Alignment for Success

At Miller Fabrication Solutions, we value safety, quality, and continuous improvement above all else. With our zero-defect mission and wide offering of both manufacturing and value-added solutions, alignment with our heavy equipment manufacturing customers allow us serve as your metal fabrication outsourcing arm. Bring us your weldments, intricate assemblies and multi-level builds and we’ll show you success. 


Just like you, our team is always striving to get better. We publish customer feedback, year after year, to hold ourselves accountable and give added transparency to our customers. It’s why Miller has been the go-to fabrication partner for major equipment brands since 1963. Whether you’re looking for industrial fabrication, welding, machining, coating or mechanical assembly and a host of value-added solutions, the team at Miller is here to exceed your expectations. Get in touch today and see the difference we can make for you. 

Lyndie Wingenroth
Independent Rough Terrain Center, LLC (IRTC)
“We have over 250 suppliers. When we look at potential partners, we look at the quality they provide, their costs and delivery time. Miller has delivered on all three.”
Jeffery Snider
Volvo Construction Equipment
“Miller Fabrication Solutions has become our preferred supplier, implementing lean manufacturing principles and numerous quality and delivery improvements that benefit our bottom line. They have made capital investments to support our growth. Miller Fabrication Solutions has not only met our goals but exceeded them, becoming a true partner for the long-term.”
Chuck Tornga
Tirx Moto
“The extensive manufacturing capabilities of Miller were a pretty quick indicator that this company could take on not only significantly complex projects but a variety of production volumes.”

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