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Industrial Machine Services For Your Complex Parts and Assemblies

Partnering with the right custom machining service provider can catapult your ability to capture production and sales goals for your original equipment manufacturing company. The right machining fabricator can help you focus on your core competencies, mitigate risk and deliver exceptional production innovation to the marketplace. At Miller Fabrication Solutions, we come ready with solutions to help you do just that. 


Miller provides machining services for OEMs in a variety of industries, such as material handling and conveying equipment, offering an array of services like milling, boring, tuning, drilling, tapping, profiling and pocketing. We work with your schedule to deliver high-quality metal parts that meet your engineering specifications. Our machining capabilities include:


  • Horizontal-machining centers
  • Horizontal-boring mills up to 6” bar
  • Turning centers
  • Vertical-machining centers
  • Autonomous machining centers


In all, we have the capability to machine up to 20 tons, and offer solutions for parts with tolerances within .001 inches.


World-Class Equipment


Our industrial machine services rely on a skilled and experienced workforce, lean processes, as well as a broad selection of state-of-the-art equipment. Machining-specific equipment includes: 


  • Seven CNC horizontal machining centers with different ranges of X, Y and Z travel 
  • A horizontal bar boring mill that goes up to 6” bar
  • Five vertical-milling machines, with a maximum table load of 2,205 pounds and an accuracy of positioning of 0.00023


Other machining equipment includes radial arm drill presses, CMMs, grinders, engine lathes, hydrostatic pressure testers and both electro-arc and Cammann metal disintegrators. Miller has both the equipment and expertise to perform custom metal machining for a wide variety of materials. If you have a complex OEM part or assembly that requires heavy fabrication machining and other value-added processes, we can help you make it happen. 


High-Quality Machining Service


Our expertise goes well beyond just milling, drilling and boring.


Miller Fabrication Solutions understands the changing demand that OEMs face and can meet machining production shifts with effective scheduling and agile capacity planning. 


We maintain consistent checkpoints and perform repeated analysis to ensure that we catch any potential noncomformances as close to the source as possible. It’s why our customers report receiving products on time, 90% of the time on average. In addition to high-quality machining solutions, Miller Fabrication Solutions offers services that include welding, coat/finishing and mechanical assembly, among many others.


We can also provide value-added solutions, like production scheduling, that allow us to be ready with the machining work you need based on your planned firm demand forecasts. Throughout it all, we strive to complete our work the right way with our Zero-Defect Mission. With a laser focus on high quality throughout the machining process, we seek to prevent defects in your equipment parts to keep your brand promise and save you production time and money down the road. 


At Miller Fabrication Solutions, we have the capabilities to handle some of the most complex industrial machining projects. Our modern equipment and technology and commitment to quality means that we’ll produce the parts you need right the first time, and our value-added solutions mean that we can be ready when you need to increase production. We’re not just a fabricator -— we’re a full-time strategic partner and essential part of your OEM supply chain. 


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Lyndie Wingenroth
Independent Rough Terrain Center, LLC (IRTC)
“We have over 250 suppliers. When we look at potential partners, we look at the quality they provide, their costs and delivery time. Miller has delivered on all three.”
Jeffery Snider
Volvo Construction Equipment
“Miller Fabrication Solutions has become our preferred supplier, implementing lean manufacturing principles and numerous quality and delivery improvements that benefit our bottom line. They have made capital investments to support our growth. Miller Fabrication Solutions has not only met our goals but exceeded them, becoming a true partner for the long-term.”
Chuck Tornga
Tirx Moto
“The extensive manufacturing capabilities of Miller were a pretty quick indicator that this company could take on not only significantly complex projects but a variety of production volumes.”

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