Addition of Mitsubishi MVR30Ex Bridge Mill Machine Ramps Up Capacity, Efficiencies at Steel Fabricator - Miller Fabrication Solutions

Addition of Mitsubishi MVR30Ex Bridge Mill Machine Ramps Up Capacity, Efficiencies at Steel Fabricator

Miller Fabrication Solutions Also Announces 2020 Large Business Award Recognition

BROOKVILLE, Pa. – July 13, 2020Miller Fabrication Solutions has further solidified its commitment as a strategic steel fabrication partner with the addition of a Mitsubishi MVR30Ex Bridge Mill machine to its CNC vertical machining centers. Expected to be fully operational by mid-September 2020, the double-column, five-face precision milling machine expands the company’s capacity and its ability to create setup and cycle time efficiencies for customers.

Miller is a heavy fabrication partner for global equipment manufacturers across construction, forestry, transportation, rail, oil and gas and other industrial equipment industries.

“The Mitsubishi MVR30Ex Bridge Mill enables new business development opportunities for Miller, allowing us to take on larger components and perform more processes on them at a time, rather than having to unload and set up parts on different machinery to perform the same functions,” said Dennis VanDuyne, Miller’s Director of Business Development. “This will be especially impactful on parts fabrication for transportation, construction and forestry equipment manufacturing customers.”

The purchase enables three competitive advantages:

  • Equipped with a 90-degree head that can rotate in one-degree increments and a fourth axis rotary that rotates a part while the machine moves and does the work, the Mitsubishi MVR30Ex Bridge Mill machines parts on five surfaces in the same setup.
  • The machine’s speed will generate faster program cycle times. For work completed on the new machine, Miller expects a 25% reduction in total cycle time based on the equipment’s rapid traverse speeds and tool change times.
  • Miller will be able to machine larger parts than it was able to do previously. The Bridge Mill equipment permits machining on parts that are up to 78.7 inches wide by 196.9 inches long by 60 inches tall.

Miller Receives Chamber Large Business Award for 2020

Brookville, Pennsylvania-based Miller Fabrication Solutions was recently named winner of the Brookville Area Chamber of Commerce 2020 Large Business Award. The steel fabricator was selected based on its community and industry leadership, economic impact and community support in Brookville and the surrounding region.

Miller provides approximately 400 jobs and works with training centers, schools and other institutions to ensure the area has proper training, resources and funding in place to attract and support a robust workforce. The company also sponsors local community events, including the statewide “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” contest that encourages students to explore manufacturing careers.

Accepting the award at the Chamber’s annual awards dinner, Miller’s Chairman of the Board David K. Miller affirmed that his father started the company 60 years ago not only to provide for his family, but also to see that customers, employees, vendors and the community benefited from Miller’s presence. This dedication to improving the lives of others continues to serve as the company’s purpose today.

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Established in 1963, Miller Fabrication Solutions is the strategic fabrication partner for innovative OEMs. Miller delivers high-quality metal parts and assemblies through its extensive value-added and manufacturing solutions. With a core focus on utilizing modern technology and robotic automation coupled with lean processes, the Miller Customer Experience works to ensure that your complex project measures are exceeded now and well into the future.

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