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Strategic Advantages Of Value-Added Custom Metal Fabrication Services

January 5, 2018

OEMs in heavy industry, including construction, agriculture, oil and gas, mining and material handling, can stand to gain much more from their custom metal fabrication partners than just the delivery of high-quality, metal fabricated products.

Value-added services provided by strategic OEM parts manufacturers work together to help you solve big-picture challenges. For example, inventory and capacity issues can often be left to the expertise of your metal fabrication partner. Learn more about how value-added services from your custom metal fabrication partner can help you gain a strategic advantage for your OEM business.

Advanced Inventory Management Keeps You On Schedule

An ideal strategic fabrication partner should provide just-in-time delivery services to help you improve efficiency and reduce waste by supplying you with components exactly when you need them – without the overhead. You can make these services a seamless part of your supply chain to simultaneously reduce the cost of carrying inventory and ensure supply chain reliability.

To practice just-in-time delivery effectively, it’s important for your contract OEM fabricator to meet these conditions:

  • Production is steady
  • Workmanship is high quality
  • Machines don’t frequently break down
  • Parts can be assembled quickly
  • Demand forecasting is accurate

To learn more about offloading the risks associated with the inventory management of your complex metal parts, register for the January 24 webinar entitled, “Maximizing the Inventory Capabilities of Your Metal Manufacturer.”

Value Engineering Ensures Parts Meet Your Acceptance Criteria

Value analysis/value engineering (VA/VE) can improve the function and reduce the cost of your individual metal fabrication parts, as well as your products as a whole. Value engineering also focuses on meeting your project acceptance criteria.

When used to its maximum potential, this methodology improves components and metal fabricated products value through:

  • Faster product launches from inception to production
  • Reduced setup time during manufacturing, resulting in lower costs
  • Better manufacturability by eliminating unnecessary part features

A strategic metal manufacturer should offer VA/VE as part of its total value-added service suite for a truly comprehensive partnership in the development, production and delivery of your complex parts. For more information about these services, contact Miller Fabrication Solutions for a free consultation today.

Best Practices Sustain Quality And Reliability

Inventory management and value analysis/value engineering are part of a larger ecosystem of best practices that sustain quality and reliability.

A custom metal fabricator with a robust quality system designed to eliminate errors in production processes and enable good tolerance controls on equipment will help to streamline operations to effectively contribute to your supply chain reliability.

When value-added fabrication services allow you to better allocate resources, you’ll find that both your production schedule and your budget stay on track, giving you time and money to ensure flawless delivery for your customers.