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Does Your OEM Supplier Enable You To Meet Delivery Deadlines?

January 8, 2016

To keep on track with your production scheduling, your OEM supplier must consistently meet your demand for metal parts. Staying true to your own delivery deadlines is difficult without an expert handling your outsourced manufacturing processes.

You need high-quality custom parts shipped to your facility on time. However, managing your production scheduling with a partner is not as simple as setting a due date for your supplier. When your project launches, you must collaborate to make sure your metal manufacturer is meeting your request.

If your partner believes your request is unrealistic due to material availability, tooling and fixture design, quality documentation or other important factors, it will explain why. But once your prototype is completed, your OEM supplier must maintain an ample supply of product to accommodate your schedule.

Most importantly, keep your lines of communication open. Your supplier will adjust to market volatility, and over time you should both develop trust in one another. As a result, you’ll need less reassurance in terms of due dates. To optimize your production even further, your OEM supplier may offer design reviews with its engineers and find more efficient ways to produce your custom parts.

Your OEM Supplier Should Keep Your Production On Track

If your supplier makes mistakes that cause you to miss delivery deadlines, you risk losing sales and customers. You also incur additional expenses when you need to pay employees overtime to catch up on your production schedule.

The right metal manufacturer ensures your production stays on track by:

  • Sending you minimal defective parts
  • Offering efficient shipping
  • Using greater machine capacity
  • Providing better material management

Your supplier’s inventory management may allow it to maximize loads for shipment by working with you to develop returnable containers for high-volume repeatable work. This tactic enhances shipping efficiencies and reduces packaging costs.

As you consider new suppliers, look for those with the ability to grow in machine capacity and floor space. Response time is another important factor – how quickly can your supplier respond to unforeseen production demands?

You may even choose to work with a metal manufacturer that offers same-day delivery, which is usually achieved through expert inventory management and easy access to major interstates. Finally, you need a partner with advanced equipment and technology to alleviate capacity constraints.

You May Need To Consider Partnering With A New Supplier

The best time to begin looking for a new OEM supplier is before late shipments and poor part quality become overwhelming problems. That way, you can avoid losing valuable revenue due to missed sales. While price is often a motivation to find a new partner, you must carefully consider your current supplier’s hidden costs as you compare pricing.

By partnering with a supplier that enables you to meet your delivery deadlines, you promote higher customer satisfaction and retention rates. Plus, you create more opportunities for valuable sales that drive your company forward, helping you meet your revenue goals.

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