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National News Program Features Miller Fabrication Solutions in Manufacturing Workforce Story

BROOKVILLE, Pa. – Feb. 20, 2023NewsNation, a national television news and entertainment cable network reaching 75 million U.S. households, recently featured Miller Fabrication Solutions on its top-rated “Morning in America” program. The “Why ‘soft skills’ are essential for new graduates” story featured Miller as one of the top metal fabricators in the country that is finding ways to combat the ongoing manufacturing labor shortage.

News Nation Morning in America

Miller has joined other employers in looking beyond grades and manufacturing-specific experience when considering young job applicants. Now, interpersonal and other soft skills like problem-solving, communication and critical thinking abilities are equally important. 

“We want to take people who may not have the skills of the trade and train them,” said Miller President Eric Miller. “We’re willing to teach, and we also want younger people to know that manufacturing jobs are good jobs.”

Miller led NewsNation Correspondent Dray Clark on a tour of the company’s Brookville manufacturing facility – one of three plants Miller Fabrication Solutions operates in western Pennsylvania – where Clark observed “hardworking men and women on one side” and “the ingenuity of automation” on the other. Clark also interviewed Jay Timmons, president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, who pointed out that manufacturing jobs pay more than any other sector of the economy. 

Miller team members regularly debunk the misperception that manufacturing positions offer limited advancement potential. They share the message of manufacturing career opportunities every chance they get with students at high schools, trade and tech schools and colleges across the country. The company also employs high school students every summer to give them real-world experience working in a factory and offers internships that provide paid, on-the-job training.

Jamie Hummell, Miller’s manager of human resources, told NewsNation: “We have several opportunities for people who choose not to go to college, and they can make a good salary while they’re in training to learn the skills necessary to perform jobs at Miller.”

News Nation Morning in AmericaThe NewsNation story featuring Miller aired during the network’s morning show in a segment called “America’s Report Card.” It recognized that the company has been family-owned and -operated for almost 60 years, and the footage showcased the Brookville plant’s impressive operations.

“National publicity is a good way to grow awareness of Miller’s expertise and contributions to workforce development and to introduce people to the incredible job opportunities at our company and in the manufacturing industry as a whole,” Miller said. “We hope this coverage will be one more step toward overcoming the very challenge at the root of the NewsNation story – the manufacturing worker shortage.”

About Miller Fabrication Solutions 

Established in 1963, Miller Fabrication Solutions is the strategic fabrication partner for innovative, global OEMs. Miller delivers high-quality metal parts and assemblies through its extensive value-added and manufacturing solutions. With a core focus on modern technology and robotic automation coupled with lean processes, the “Miller Customer Experience” works to ensure that complex project measures are exceeded now and well into the future. OEMs can learn how to transform their metal manufacturing processes by scheduling a free consultation.

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