60 Years: Looking Back and Looking Forward - Miller Fabrication Solutions

60 Years: Looking Back and Looking Forward

July 24, 2023

Miller Fabrication Solutions turned 60 this year. Marking this milestone caused me to reflect on our journey as a company. First and foremost, I think about our people – current employees and those who have worked here over the decades. I can’t overstate how much the credit for the company’s success goes to them. Their unwavering dedication has shaped us into who we are today.

From our earliest years, we have tried to create an environment where people can thrive, someplace meaningful that makes a difference and improves lives. Those ideals fuel our ongoing commitment to employees, customers, our community and industry excellence.

Founders Sara (“Gerry”) and David R. Miller celebrate the 20th anniversary of Miller Fabrication Solutions – then called Miller Welding & Machine Company – in 1983

Building a Legacy

It’s humbling to think about how it all started. Back in 1963, my grandfather, David R. Miller, alongside my grandmother, Sarah (“Gerry”), started the company as a small welding and machining operation with just three employees. Grandpa handled the operational side of the business, and Grandma was in charge of the back office – billing, bookkeeping and everything else related to the company’s finances.

From those simple beginnings, Miller Fabrication Solutions today is a metal fabricator that proudly provides a comprehensive range of manufacturing and value-added solutions for innovative OEMs around the world.

Great Partners

I attribute our longevity to our core purpose, unchanged from the beginning: to improve lives. It’s the people – from employees to customers to incredibly supportive community members – who have empowered the company’s growth from day one. My grandparents emphasized how important it is to work with exceptional people and to understand that success would not be possible without them. Then and now, one of our key responsibilities is to create meaningful jobs and give back to the community that sustains us.

Throughout our journey, we’ve been fortunate to have the support of numerous people who believed in and partnered with us. Our suppliers, like the amazing folks at Global Shop Solutions, and many customer partners, such as the Nassif family owners of Hanco Ltd., have grown along with us almost since the beginning.

Commitment to Customers

Miller works to achieve total integration of manufacturing solutions into the OEM supply chain. Continuously learning and adapting to ongoing industry changes, we regularly upgrade equipment and adopt new technologies, processes and quality standards to ensure we can efficiently handle OEM customer projects.

We greatly appreciate our customers, who work hand-in-hand with us on these efforts. Consistent, open communication, the hallmark of our long-standing customer relationships, is a key aspect of our commitment to high quality and customer service. Miller is deeply grateful for the OEMs who partner with us to ensure the parts we machine for them are manufactured to their exacting standards.

Looking Forward

Going forward, Miller will remain committed to developing a workforce with the right skills to meet the evolving needs of our customers and their markets. Purchase of our fourth plant in 2021 is a continuing step toward that goal. This facility, expected to open in Brookville by early 2024, will enable us to further streamline production and pave the way for greater automation, which will be critical to serving our OEM customers well into the future.

We’ll continue to actively engage with economic development groups, schools and community organizations to provide training resources and job opportunities. As the fifth-largest employer in Jefferson County, we are proud to be a community partner in driving economic growth and ensuring a skilled workforce through such programs as our in-house apprenticeships. We’re grateful to provide area residents with opportunities to advance their careers and contribute to our region’s prosperity.

What Matters Most

This 60-year mark reminds me again of our desire and commitment to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Our work and our company must not only benefit our customers and the market, but also our employees and the community.

Thank you for being a part of Miller Fabrication Solutions’ journey, and here’s to the next 60 years!

– Eric Miller, President